I love fashion, I have since I was a little girl. I loved dressing up in sequins and pink, having a new identity and learning how fun fashion could be. However, lately I have forgotten to have fun with my style, ignored the child within who is obsessed with Disney, adores unicorns and secretly wishes she would dress in glitter everyday. So, this weeks wishlist is all the fun fashion pieces I have been lusting over lately, my passion for purple is clear and I have found some quirky accessories that will brighten up that daily monochrome look!



Swimsuit: H&M £19.99 , Clutch bag: Skinnydip London £25.00 , Bag accessory: Fendi £545.00 , Sunglasses: Topshop £16.00 , Pom Pom shoes: Boohoo £38.00 , Tee: Topshop £22.00 , Backpack : New Look £19.99

5 sites 20-something-year-olds need

Let’s face it, we’re all constantly connected to the internet whether we’re looking for a new pair of shoes or scrolling through pictures of cats wearing tights we spend a lot of our day on the net. So, I thought I’d tell you my 5 favourite websites for 20-something-year-old women. 


Image source: William Iven via Unsplash

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All About that base: Best highstreet foundations

best-highstreet-foundationsWhen it comes to foundations I’ve tried it all, from spending somewhere in the 40’s to spending literally just a quid. But a question that all of my friends always ask me when perusing the aisles of Boots is: ‘which foundation is best?’ And although I have a lot of pricey faves, I also LOVE some of my high street / drugstore ones too. So here are some of my favourites to try whether you’re on a budget or just want to try a good foundation… Continue reading

Why do girls? Questions from the boys

Have you ever noticed that opposite sex’s don’t really understand each other? Whether it is dating etiquette, our bathroom habits or why anything …I asked a group of boys for some questions and will attempt to some of the more sensible ones on behalf of us girls…


*disclaimer* obviously we are all different but here are some generalised answers to help the boys out. 


Why do girls REMEMBER the one bad thing we do, but forget the good things?

Well, the answer is we don’t forget those nice things, but as much as you forget to mention our new haircut, new dress or lipstick we wore in hope that you would think we would look great, we don’t always bring up that bunch of flowers you bought us. But of course if you piss us off, we will bring up the last thing you did wrong because we like to back up an argument with facts!

Why are girls never ready on time? *a popular question*

Don’t think we didn’t plan to be ready but things didn’t go our way. Our hair went frizzy, and took 2 hours to dry. We came up with a spot that no amount of Collection Lasting Perfection could cover and our Cat flick took a lot of micellar water to perfect! and our nude bra was in the wash meaning a total wardrobe malfunction. So unlike you who probably showered sprayed and left we have a lot to do so please don’t moan just accept that is life, or lie about the time you need us!

What is more important our looks? Gentleman ways? Or humour?

Surely this is the same for a guy or girl. You’re not going to date someone you’re not attracted to, but at the same time he might be hot but if he doesn’t treat you well or you just don’t click, it ain’t gon’ happen you know? Is this not the same for a guy. Be the whole package, and don’t lie on Tinder if you’re 5’3 don’t way you’re 6’1 we will find out doofus!

Do girls really tell each other everything? Is there anything they don’t spill?

Truthfully, us girls do tend to tell each other everything. They don’t tell everyone one of their girlfriends but they will have a best mate that knows more about you (the boyfriend) than you think. Us girls are pretty in touch with our feelings and know that chatting is the best therapy. However, some secrets will be kept between the two of you – you just need to specify that you don’t want us telling the bestie that’s all.

Why do you all love buying shoes so much?

Because they’re beautiful! I’ve done a lot of thinking in the past about why it is that new shoes or a red sole makes our eye light up like a kid in a candy shop and I have realised it is because a) they always fit, no matter if we ate a Big Mac yesterday and b) they totally transform an outfit making us feel like we have something new on.

Should I ignore your pms? Or tell you that you’re being a bitch?

Give her a week and I am sure she will realise how hormonal she was – but I wouldn’t ignore her PMS, she is likely to be a bit nicer if you buy her a Dairy Milk or sit in and cuddle her in front of the tv.


That is all I am going to answer for today, but if you like this different style of post please let me know and I will do more! I love hearing your feedback!

Which colours are the best? Maybelline Colour Tattoo

colour tattoo open lids

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s are nothing new on the shelves of Boots. The superb cream eyeshadows have been favourites of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and the standard girl for some time now. But with so many shades, new formulas and some pretty weird colours how do you know which colours are the best? Well fear not I have created a run down of my 5 favourite Maybelline Colour Tattoo shade – you can thanks me later!  Continue reading